Old Colony Correctional Center – Massachusetts

Looking for somebody locked up at Old Colony Correctional Center? Old Colony Correctional Center is a state correctional institution in the state prison system in Massachusetts. This guide gives you information about everything you might want to know about Old Colony Correctional Center: How to do a prison inmate search. Visiting an inmate at this prison The address and phone number at Old Colony Correctional Center How to send mail and money to an inmate. And everything else.

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General Prison Information

Official Name: Old Colony Correctional Center
Year Opened: 1987
State: Massachusetts
County: Plymouth
DOC: Massachusetts Department of Corrections
Security Level: high-tech medium

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Contact Information

Below is the mailing address and street address for Old Colony Correctional Center. Use the mailing address if you are mailing a package or letter to someone at Old Colony Correctional Center, and be sure to use the physical address if you want to know the actual location of Old Colony Correctional Center.

Mailing Address

Be sure to read the Inmate Mail and Package Procedures heading below if you are going to mail a letter or package to a prisoner to learn how to properly write the address, and follow the right protocol for sending a letter or package. If you do not follow the appropriate protocol, it could not get delivered.

Old Colony Correctional Center
1 Administration Road
Bridgewater MA, 2324

Street Address / Prison location


Old Colony Correctional Center
1 Administration Road
Bridgewater MA, 2324

Phone Number and Fax Number


Map and Directions

Use the street address if you are going to visit an inmate. Be sure to read the Inmate Visitation Schedule and Inmate Visitation Procedures sections further down on this page if you are going to try to visit an inmate.

Old Colony Correctional Center
1 Administration Road
Bridgewater MA, 2324


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Phone Number

Old Colony Correctional Center prisoners don’t have telephones, so you won’t be able to call prisoners, but, there are times when it is helpful to know the telephone number to the facility.

Prisoners can sometimes make calls using various methods:

  • Calling Cards
  • Collect Calls
  • Dedicated Phone Line
  • Prison Calling Plan

Fax Number

Old Colony Correctional Center inmates don’t have access to fax machines, so you won’t get to fax a letter to your inmate, but there are some times when it may be necessary to have the fax machine number to Old Colony Correctional Center.

Email Address

The email address listed below is the main email address for the prison. You can’t contact prisoners using this email address. If you need to email an inmate, read the Inmate Email section below.

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Inmate and Staff Statistics

Total Inmates:
Total Staff:

Inmate Email

To email a letter to a prisoner at Old Colony Correctional Center you must use an exact procedure to ensure that the email message is received by the prisoner.

Inmate Internet Access

Inmates are not permitted to access the Internet.

Inmate Mail and Package Procedures

There are special steps that are necessary to follow when mailing a package or letter to a state prison inmate. If you do not then what you sent might not get delivered.

Before you send anything, make sure to read the links below:

Mail Monitoring

Old Colony Correctional Center officials will open and inspect all received general packages and mail. Incoming general correspondence can be read as frequently as deemed necessary to keep safety and security or monitor a particular problem regarding any inmates.

How to Address a Letter to an Inmate

This is the format for how you must address mail to a state prisoner at Old Colony Correctional Center:

Old Colony Correctional Center
1 Administration Road
Bridgewater MA, 2324

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Inmate Money

Every prison has a Commissary that was started to provide inmates a bank type account for prisoner funds and for purchasing things not issued to inmates by the facility.

How to Send an Inmate Money

Anyone can deposit funds to inmate’s accounts by sending it by Western Union or by mail.

Via U.S. Postal Service: Inmates’ families and friends can to send inmates funds through postal mail and must send it to the address below and do so in accordance with the directions given below:

The money must be a money order made out to the prisoner’s full committed name and complete eight-digit register number. You should use a U.S. Postal Service money order, since all non-postal money orders processed through the National Lockbox will be held for a 15-day hold, and during this hold period the prisoner will not have access to the money. The Bureau of Prisons will send back any funds that do not have correct inmate information if the envelope has an adequate return address. Checks and cash won’t be deposited to the prisoner’s account so don’t send checks or cash.

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Inmate Locator

Prisoners are from time to time transported to various prisons throughout Massachusetts, so sometimes you might need to look up the location of an inmate using the inmate locator. Click on the link here to find an Massachusetts prison inmate.
Inmate Search

To find other Massachusetts state prisons: Massachusetts State Prisons

Inmate Visitation

Before you go to visit an inmate at Old Colony Correctional Center, you must know the following:

  • Visitation Schedule
  • Visitation Rules
  • Visitation Application

Inmate Visitation Schedule

Inmate Visitor Procedures

Each prison has its own rules for inmate visitation and they are changed often. The information below might be changed since this was written, so be sure to also go to Old Colony Correctional Center’s official website to find the most up to date visitation procedures.

Visitation Sign-In and Check-In

The visitation officer will make sure all visitors sign the inmate visitors log when entering the facility and upon exiting.

Identification Required

Picture ID of all visitors is required. The best forms of identification are Driver’s License and Social Security Card; but, a state picture id is OK.

For all of the things shown below, check out the actual Old Colony Correctional Center site because this info is updated all the time:

  • Visitation Rules
  • Visitation Dress Code
  • Things You Can and Cannot Take to Visitation
  • Special Rules For Childred, Special Visits, Pastoral or Attorney Visits

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Prison Records

Info about Old Colony Correctional Center prison records coming soon.

Such as:

  • Inmate records
  • Health records.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.

Death Row

Info about Old Colony Correctional Center death row to be added later.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


Section about Massachusetts parole process coming.

For example:

  • Parole hearings.
  • Review boards.
  • Who qualifies for parole.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


Section about release procedures coming.

Inmate Programs

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Prison Life

Details about prison life coming.

  • Activities.
  • Daily schedule and routine.
  • Recreational facilities available.
  • What’s allowed, and what’s not allowed.
  • What the food is like.
  • What to expect.
  • Jobs and work release available.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


A section on news at Old Colony Correctional Center coming soon.


A Old Colony Correctional Center photo section will be posted ASAP.

For example, photos of:

  • Cells at Old Colony Correctional Center
  • The yard.
  • What inmates wear at Old Colony Correctional Center.

If you have any photos of Old Colony Correctional Center that you would like to share, please contact us using the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of the page.

Prison Jobs & Hiring

Are you trying to find a job at a correctional facility? Have experience? Have you worked at a prison facility previously?

If so, click here:

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The official website:

Victim Resources

Important Note: If you, or someone you know, are in immediate danger, call 911.

Victim’s Rights

The Victim Rights Act grants victims the following rights:

  • The right to protection from the accused.
  • The right to notification.
  • The right to attend proceedings.
  • The right to speak at criminal justice proceedings.
  • The right to consult with the prosecuting attorney.
  • The right to restitution.
  • The right to a speedy trial.
  • The right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

The definition of victim includes:

  • Spouses and children of all victims.
  • Parents and guardians of minor victims.
  • Parents, guardians and siblings of mentally or physically incapacitated victims or victims of homicide.
  • Foster parents or other caregivers, under certain circumstances.

There are a number of services and programs designed to help victims and their families. You can find out about these services by contacting the courthouse, or local law enforcement agency.

Victim Notification

The Department of Justice Victim Notification System (VNS) is a system that provides victims with information pertaining to their case and/or any defendants in the case. You will receive a Victim Identification Number (VIN) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will allow you to access VNS via the internet or by phone. Here, you will find information about future court hearings, historical court events, and detailed information about the defendant. This will include criminal charges filed, the outcome of charges, sentence imposed, custody location, projected release date and any other release information. The VNS website is updated daily. You will also receive any ongoing information by mail or email.

Have you, a family member or friend ever used the Victim Notification System? If so, was it effective? Did you get the information in a timely manner? Was the system difficult to use? We would like to hear from you, so please post any comments here.

Click here to tell your story

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Family Resources

Info about family resources available at Old Colony Correctional Center coming.


A section with the history of Old Colony Correctional Center coming soon.

Such as:

  • Famous Old Colony Correctional Center inmates.
  • Escapes and prison breaks.
  • Executions.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


Information About Other Massachusetts State Prisons: Massachusetts State Prisons

Old Colony Correctional Center Links

The official website:

Massachusetts Department of Corrections Links

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Tell Your Story – Write a Review of Old Colony Correctional Center

Have you ever been a prisoner in Old Colony Correctional Center? Do you have a friend or family member that spent time there? Have you ever been to visit a prisoner at Old Colony Correctional Center?

If you have, then please write a review about it. Write down what you experienced because others can find out what to expect.

Things you can write in the review:

  • Facility conditions
  • Facility layout and facility
  • Staff and guards
  • Commissary and food
  • Visitation
  • Inmates
  • Inmate safety
  • Gang activity
  • Activities and programs

If you are currently incarcerated at Old Colony Correctional Center, leave your address if you would like people to be able to send you a letter.

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